Recruiting for GEN Z.

GEN Z is growing up in an increasingly digital world on smartphones. Those looking for the skilled workers of tomorrow will find them here.

Unlike their predecessors, Generation Z is growing up in a digitalized world with smartphones, computers and, of course, social media. Whether on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat or perhaps even unknown platforms like BeReal, channels, topics and entertainment aspirations are much more fragmented than ever before.

What represents another challenge in this flood and the overabundance of advertising messages, especially in the area of recruiting, is the attention span of GEN Z. Swipe left, swipe right, swipe up. Everything is just a click away, and in a fraction of a second, it's on to the next piece of info. What is needed here are new colors, new formats, new ideas and, above all, a unique approach.

Brand experiences on all channels are required and must be understood and lived by the employer of the future. Creating touchpoints on all channels, because with just one finger movement you can go from the TikTok "For You" page directly to the Instagram feed and then quickly check who has written on Snapchat.


Appealing recruiting campaigns that are targeted to a young audience are today's trick to getting a foot in the door of talent.

By using ever new, innovative advertising and media formats, companies must be prepared to adapt again and again. Acting in a contemporary manner, recognizing and picking up on trends. To win today's "war for talent," the hiring process must be fast, effective and efficient. Vertical, attention-grabbing, entertaining and informative videos, images and stories on social media are usually the first touchpoint on the applicant:inside journey. Dynamic, variable and individual communication, which in the end always pays off for the respective company and strengthens the recognition value, should always be the focus.

Even if it sometimes doesn't seem like it - the GEN Z has very clear ideas, which it's best to meet during the initial contact in social media. When it comes to choosing a career, the following things are crucial for GEN Z: understanding of values and meaningful work, work-life balance (free time, remote work, home office options, etc.), self-determination, fair salary and job security.

Vertical, short-format video content has long since ceased to be a trend and is leading the way for video consumption, which is on the rise worldwide. If you want to attract the next talent to your company, you'd better make sure you get the right messages to the smartphones of GEN Z as soon as possible.

Want an example? Click here for our reference case for the NRW police. Do you have any questions or would you like a recruiting campaign that eliminates your shortage of skilled workers? Get in touch!