We bring
your brand into the
right format.

Why vertical? Do you just turn the camera 90° or what?

With "FYNAL vertical" you get the first creative unit of an established film production in Germany, which focuses exclusively on vertical film production in 9:16 and thus meets the user behavior of smartphone users. And you determine the scope of our support yourself!

Strategy, production, marketing - everything can be booked individually or as a package. You choose!


UGC is not a hype, but clearly the hot shit on the web. We have countless content creators in store for you, who can authentically present just about any product or service. Your content will fit harmoniously into the feed of your target group without being perceived directly as advertising.

Stories, Reels, TikToks... we offer the perfect solution for any product or service to create organically effective advertising. Apart from conception and production, FYNAL VERTICAL is also happy to help you with the playout of your campaign. Whether it's sales, brand awareness or recruiting, we'll choose the optimal platform and advertising options for you and make sure your brand makes the most of the platforms.

Vertical is the new horizontal.

Our packages

Make an appointment. Free video call.

Make an uncomplicated appointment with us to get to know each other. You tell us where the shoe pinches, we pick you up.

Briefing, strategy and conception.

If you're up for it, we'll come over and set all the goals and KPIs you need in a kick-off workshop.

Content planning. Production. Marketing.

From here on it's off, but the right way!
We design, produce and/or market your content for the whole year!


Make a request
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Our offer for all those who only lack ideas. We design the strategy of your vertical/UGC content together with you. Afterwards, you know what to do and can get started on your own.

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Strategic and editorial planning of all your Vertical/UGC content + full production of all your moving image content for social media. For the whole year.

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Everything from PRO + we also market the complete content for you in social media. We design campaigns and place ads to get the maximum success out of your content.

Ready for Social Media-
Content, which performs

Not only if Gen Z and Millennials are part of your target group: If you want your brand, your service or your product to perform even better, there's only one way: Let's go vertical together!


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