Wandering in distant lands.
Cinema spots.

For several years now, we have been supporting Germany's leading hiking tour provider within the scope of cross-media campaigns, which are designed for moving images in the "HERO" content area. The fascination of hiking is generally assigned to a more down-to-earth and comparatively older group of people, but more and more young people are also feeling more and more attached to nature and "going back to the roots", in times of overflowing digitalization. We pick up on this spirit and show breathtaking worlds that are worth discovering on foot.

With a total reach of over 3 million people and cross-channel views of around 2.1 million, we have been enriching Wikinger Reisen's marketing since 2014. We greatly appreciate this loyalty and will also accompany our customers through Corona-related bumpy phases in order to get back to full speed soon.

  • Client: Viking Travel
  • Concept: Linda Kubaczynski, Dustin Steinkühler, Ingo Russia
  • Script: Dustin Steinkuehler
  • Director: Dustin Steinkuehler, Ingo Russia
  • DOP: Jacek Kubaczynski