Wear yourself.
Music video.

When Tim Bendzko calls to put his most personal song from the album "Filter" into your hands, you can get nervous. Or just motivated to the tips of your hair. On two days of shooting we realized the unique idea of the singer-songwriter and visualized the emotional song. The poetic portrait of a feeling that almost all of us know: the memory of a loved one who is no longer by our side. A tribute to us. A music video for all wounded hearts.

Visualizing a personal song is more challenging than staging the mass-market hit of an album. It's about giving the artist's emotions the necessary framework to create a music video that touches and feels real.

  • Client: Tim Bendzko
  • Book: Tim Bendzko
  • Director: Marvin Litwak
  • DOP: Amin Oussar
  • Editor: Adrian Kattwinkel
  • Gaffer: Christian Schaub
  • Set Design: Celine Ahlbrecht