Portraying soccer in the Ruhr region? But so what!

We already love working with Ruhr.Tourismus - and when we're also allowed to work with Ruhr.Fußball to present the various facets of the world's most popular sport in an audiovisual form in our Ruhr region, then we're just as fired up. So off we went! A total of 5 portrait films were created in 2023, which were to portray our favorite sport with the most diverse characters as protagonists as authentically as it is here. Direct, honest, emotional and damn cool! So come all times here in the beautiful Ruhr area and let you infect from the greatest soccer fever beyond the Copa Cabana.

Be it the guys from Torpedo Tremonia, the girls from SGS Essen, Tim, the die-hard Bochum photographer or other unique specimens of the soccer scene in the Ruhr area. Thank you for your honest statements and the immersion in your world.

  • Client: Ruhr Tourism
  • Concept: Bahar Zeraatkar
  • Director: Bahar Zeraatkar / Dustin Steinkühler
  • DOP: Irfan Akcadag / Justin Urban
  • Head of Production: Désirée Dolata
  • Editor: Felix Brüggen / Nam Do
  • Video Content: Portrait Tim (VFL Bochum)