Every Bowl a sign for the climate.
Instagram campaign.

The Pottsalat story is one big success story. Within a very short time, the delivery service from the Ruhr region for fresh salads and bowls has fought its way to the top. Currently, the branch network is being expanded nationwide. The secret of success: in addition to a convincing product, Pottsalat's business idea is based on a sophisticated and well-founded online strategy. And if you know your way around in the digital world, you'll use the right video format in the relevant media.

It doesn't always have to be short films. If you want to distribute relevant content - not content that is relevant to the algorithm, but content that is relevant in the truest sense of the word - you are welcome to add a few seconds. Contrary to widespread opinion, it works. Especially when corporate communication is about a good cause like climate neutrality.

  • Customer: Pot Salad
  • Channels: Instagram, Facebook
  • Concept: Bahar Zeraatkar
  • DOP: Jacek Kubaczynski
  • 1st AC: Ole Classen
  • 2nd AC: Irfan Akcadag
  • 3rd AC: Ingo Russia
  • Editor: Felix Brüggen
  • Prod.direction: Manuel Sydow