The people behind the logistics of home furnishings giant IKEA.

Who would have thought it? Just around the corner in chic Dortmund-Ellinghausen stands the 200,000 m² and world's largest goods distribution center of the Swedish furniture store IKEA. And their IT. And that's exactly what we took a closer look at. Who are the men and women behind so much complex logistics, how do they manage their day, and what makes their work so exciting in general? In addition to authentic insights into the company, we were also on the move via FPV drone and also captured the charm of the city in the employer branding portrait of IKEA IT.

580 truck ramps, 750 industrial trucks, 800,000 pallet spaces, 240 gondolas and 2.4 km of rails. All right. We can do it!

  • Customer: IKEA
  • Concept: Bahar Zeraatkar
  • Director: Dustin Steinkuehler
  • DOP: Ole Classen
  • Head of Production: Désirée Dolata
  • Editor: Nam Do
  • 1st AC: Irfan Akcadag
  • Chief lighting technician & gaffer: Jacek Kubaczynski
  • Producer: Jarosha Kressin