Recruiting free speech.
It doesn't get any more authentic than that.

Let's be honest. Can any of you still hear the soft-spoken, pre-scripted statements read off the teleprompter by employees who praise their company to the skies in the highest possible terms? It may all be true, but it's rarely really credible, is it? For Hagedorn, we thought: "No, come on... we're not going to let someone in a suit stand on the construction site and tell us how clean it is here! - We called Thomas, the foreman, and off we went. In total, three very authentic recruiting clips were created for YouTube and social media.

For Hagedorn, we were also on the road filming the largest blasting in 2021. From the ground and from the air, the spectacle surrounding the demolition of a power plant complex was documented in its entirety. Boom!

  • Customer: Hagedorn
  • Concept: Jacek Kubaczynski / Ole Classen / Dustin Steinkühler
  • Director: Jacek Kubaczynski
  • DOP: Ole Classen
  • Head of Production: Linda Rosenkranz
  • Editor: Ole Classen
  • Video Content: To the trainee film
  • Video Content: To the calculator movie