Preferred supplier - nationwide.
High-Class Media Content.

In 2020, we are the only film production newly included in the pool of preferred suppliers of ERGO Group AG. Since then, we have been providing high-quality media content for in-house & PR campaigns on a nationwide level. When it comes to tickling the "extra mile" out of employees at internal events with motivating and story-heavy moving images, dynamically explaining new features of a software or producing high-quality statements of the board of directors - FYNAL rules.

Admittedly: It was an uphill battle to come to the fore as the new preferred supplier for ERGO - all the prouder that we are now. Goal in 2021: Pitch the first branded entertainment campaign for one of the largest primary insurers in Europe.

  • Client: ERGO
  • Content: Media conception and creation of various formats
  • Head of Concept: Pierre Boekhoff
  • Postproduction: Felix Brüggen