Check & Save.
Campaign spot.

A little bit safe, is unsafe. Life changes in rapid steps. Here and there a small or even larger purchase, a pet and much more that enriches everyday life. But what if something breaks? At such times, we quickly realize that the last insurance check was probably a while ago. The ERGO Check & Save Tool is designed to make it easy and transparent for existing customers to adapt their needs to the present and to ensure they have the best possible cover. In order to show all existing ERGO customers this scenario in a short and crisp way, the Rotwild agency, together with FYNAL, developed a campaign spot in which everyone will probably find themselves at some point.

Classic consulting situation with a touch of humor. 1 long day of shooting comes to an end. FYNAL delivers the best pictures - For sure.

  • Client: ERGO
  • Agency: Red Deer
  • Idea/Book: Marvin Litwak
  • Director: Marvin Litwak
  • DOP: Amin Oussar
  • Prod.direction: Linda Rosenkranz
  • Chief lighting technician & gaffer: Justin Urban
  • Editor: Adrian Kattwinkel
  • Composition & Sound Design: Michael Brieden