Music video.

Emilio Sakraya is not only a strong actor ("4 Blocks"), but also a passionate musician. We love movies and burning sets. Nice to meet you, Emilio. His reckoning with past love includes grief, destruction, rage and rebirth - housed in just under three minutes. A lights-out fire, an abandoned quarry, a fully built 1-bedroom apartment, an emotional artist at his best, and the dish of revenge is served. Bam! In two days of shooting, one of the most emotional videos of the year was shot in the studio in Lünen and in the quarry in Wuppertal. Thank you, out!

Love goes through the stomach. But sometimes it comes out the top. Then it is time to heal the wounded heart. Sometimes a new beginning is only possible through destruction. Emilio's Touché deals precisely with this emotional world. FYNAL may serve it. With parsley on top.

  • Customer: JIVE
  • Idea/Book: Marvin Litwak
  • Director: Marvin Litwak
  • DOP: Amin Oussar
  • Set Design: Celine Ahlbrecht
  • Gaffer: Chris Baur
  • Editor: Adrian Kattwinkel