Campaign spots.

The mood rises. A kiss on the cheek. The light is dimmed. Darkness in the stairwell, you hear something and suddenly it becomes bright. Making everyday life easier, controlling overvoltage better or simply being on the same wavelength. Room control easier than ever, whether light switch, rotary dimmer, motion detector, DAB+, protector or whatever. Busch-Jaeger stands for innovation and quality at the highest level like hardly anyone else. The task was to package all of this, and once again the whole thing was solved by high-quality moving images paired with wit, a pinch of self-irony and, in the end, of course, a professional overall impression. Together with the vistapark agency, this resulted in 12 campaign spots with a clear massage: "If, then Busch-Jaeger."

12 spots, countless switches and dimmers, 1 fall campaign. Each spot presented a product in an entertaining way in about 15 seconds. Small stories with big impact. With well over 3 million views, the film + short spots were a complete success for the customer. If you want to watch all the spots now, just check out the YouTube channel of Busch-Jaeger.

  • Customer: Busch-Jaeger
  • Agency: Vistapark
  • Director: Marvin Litwak
  • DOP: Amin Oussar
  • 1st AC: Ole Classen
  • Editor: Nam Do
  • VFX: Adrian Kattwinkel
  • Prod.direction: Linda Rosenkranz