Performance in the Car Care Business.
Marketing & Strategy.

The focus of all measures is the community idea: Liquid Elements is not a brand, but a community. Liquid Elements does not consist of 12 people, but of thousands. All measures pay off on expertise, authenticity, lifestyle and the exchange with the community. This is how we achieve a strong group feeling and embody a certain lifestyle, making users proud to be part of the community. Here, everything comes from a single source: strategy, marketing, film production. And "Who the f*ck cares" is our favorite series.

Average return on ad spend of approx. 15.00. The brand-building measures led to a new revenue record for the company in the first month and the community doubled.

  • Customer: AREA 52
  • Concept: Linda Kubaczynski, Pierre Boekhoff, Johanna Budde
  • Director: Dustin Steinkuehler
  • DOP: Amin Oussar
  • Producer: Jarosha Kressin
  • Content: Pierre Boekhoff, Johanna Budde, Christian Albrecht, Claudia Hopgood
  • Content: Episode 2 - "Mert
  • Content: Episode 3 - "Marcel
  • Content: Episode 4 - "Frizzey