Silver Lion in Cannes.
Corporate Movie.

Excellent! Only selected image films are decorated with awards in Cannes. Ansorg has such a film on its server. Guiding Retail Light put in the right light and a penchant for visual design that otherwise only Vitra can do. Allegedly. No wonder that the stylistic narrative and the exciting content were labeled with the Cannes Corporate Award in silver. Three days of shooting and a casual 14 days of post-production result in a lasting film that gets to the heart of the brand.

Ansorg, market leader in the Guiding Retail Light segment stands for special design language and visual staging of goods. FYNAL stands for visual staging of visual staging. Result: International award winner. Merci.

  • Customer: ansorg
  • Agency: Vistapark
  • Concept: Vistapark/Amin Oussar
  • Director: Marvin Litwak
  • DOP: Amin Oussar