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  • You've got it, you're totally individual and you want to do something with media? Go for it. We don't have any open positions at the moment, but we're always open to exciting stories and the people behind them. If you are also a strong behind or in front of the camera, know how to turn strategies into working campaigns or can teach us something, then get in touch.

    We look forward to receiving your application, stating your earliest starting date and your salary expectations, to jobs@fynal.com.

About Us.
Our attitude.

The new beginning. Here it is now. The opportunity: the moment after the lockdown is the moment of liberation. We can be more mindful from now on. Be more courageous. And better. Than ever before. It's time to not just shout "Authenticity!" but to be authentic. No more playing hide and seek.

We no longer want to sit in the place where they want us to sit. Enough waiting. Let's stop just making art. Let's start asking the right questions. With all facets. It will hurt. Like everything you burn for. Sometimes someone will cry. Mostly from happiness.

Sometimes from pain. We are no longer small(loud) from now on. We are big now. Together. We are no longer traveling around the world, we are on her home. We are mothers, fathers, lovers. Meat-eating vegans, solo entertainers, rabbit breeders and amateur soccer players without perspective.

We don't care who you are either. We really don't care. The main thing is that you are human. Just as every viewer of our films is a human being. People don't want to be reached. People want to be touched. People want emotion for their eyes, their heart, their mind and their senses, without being forgotten themselves.

"Show 100 people a movie and you've shown 100 different movies."

We know that you, too, have traveled a different path than we have. We know that we will still travel many paths. Sometimes we take a step back. That's okay. That's the way it has to be. That's how it is. That's how stories are made. And we know how to tell them. Go along with us.

Be authentic. Be real. Be here. Be close. Be human. Stand up. With us. Every morning. For each of our images. We are strong. Together. You. Me. Us. You. All. For Us.

We are only at the beginning.