Film production Dortmund - why here?

You'd rather expect a film production in the media strongholds of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and, of course, Cologne. But in Dortmund?

In fact, the number of high-quality film and video production companies in the Ruhr region is rather manageable. In the meantime, we as FYNAL have reached a company size that could induce us to relocate in order to seek proximity to the large exploiters and corporate headquarters. Nevertheless, we are committed to the Ruhr area. We want to grow. Without a doubt. New locations besides Dortmund and Essen not excluded. But our mother ship will remain in our home port.

Because a film production in Dortmund makes perfect sense.

Cool posing in front of office/studio wall in typical industrial look - Filmproduktion Dortmund - FYNAL 😉

FYNAL is not a copy. FYNAL is Ruhrpott original.

The advantages of the location are obvious. First and foremost when it comes to the choice of motifs. Do you want to show an urban environment in a film, do you need an industrial backdrop or is green nature the best environment for staging a product? Dortmund is the greenest city in Germany! WTF. Really? Not only that: Dortmund is the fourth greenest city in the world! OMG. So: big city, small town, village, forest, meadow, lake or mountain world - skyscraper or medieval castle - the motifs of the region are diverse and also quite "unspent". From Dortmund, we can reach any major city in NRW within an hour or are in the Sauer, Münster or Bergisches Land within a few minutes drive. Filmer's heart, what more do you want!?

And not only that: The Ruhr region, especially Dortmund and Essen, is close to our hearts and on our tongues. We understand it. Which allows us to tell stories here, which in turn the people here also understand. True to our unofficial motto: Fuck Hollywood, Ruhrpott is the shit!

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