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Social Media Marketing Agency + Film?

Why moving image is irrevocably linked to social media - and the mix of both can be the recipe for success for any brand.

The flood of information that hits us every day is gigantic. Especially in our already stressful everyday lives, we filter out only the really crucial information for us individually. We become blind to everything else that literally does not move us. Did he just say "moved"? He did! Moving image is and remains the sh*t, my friends. And we're not just saying that because we happen to be the biggest film production company in the Ruhr area, but because we call ourselves consumers, just like everyone else - and what sticks in the mind are very often emotionally narrated videos with a clear and usually attention-grabbing message. Yes, of course... you can slam your product in front of every YouTube video day after day with enough media budget and penetrating push marketing until it can vomit the slogan up and down in a stream - but... is that how you want it? And do you have the 500k media costs for such unimaginative nonsense? However... The fact is: If you want to become a brand that is positively charged and should remain in the minds of your target group in the long term, you'd better come up with something that has an emotional impact and pays tribute to the real values of the company.

So does the mix of social media marketing agency and film production make sense?

Social media marketing agency and film production Dortmund Essen
Moving image + social media strengthen brand image in the long term

No other medium tells stories so impressively.

And why is that so important now, especially in the context of social media? Because everyone wants to experience stories there. Because everyone wants to be entertained there. And because no one... and I stress K.E.I.N.E.R. is there to consume advertising. Period.

So what remains to be done? The company's content and goals must be presented to the target group in an emotional and entertaining way so that he/she perceives them at all. Anything else is money wasted. And this applies to B2C as well as B2B-heavy companies. Even the purchasing manager of a plastics processing automotive supplier is on the Internet. Maybe not on TikTok or Instagram, but certainly on LinkedIn. And very very likely he's watched a video on YouTube at some point. And that's exactly where your story needs to be. This is exactly where it will have an effect, if it is well done. Not an 08/15 image film, but the right format with the right message at the right time.

And that's why the mix of social media marketing agency and film production is so relevant and exciting for us and our clients.
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