Film & creation meets brand & emotion.

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We are FYNAL - the largest film production company in the Ruhr area, based in Dortmund.
We are characterized by creativity, authenticity and a high standard of quality, branding and brand understanding. We always go the extra mile for our clients. We transform their messages into emotional stories. Always. Foaming at the mouth? Not our style.
We are down-to-earth doers and know the power of strong images.
#WeAreFilm #WeAreBrand

Advertising agency x film. Dortmund x Essen.

"What are you guys?" - we get asked all the time. A video production or an advertising agency? Especially in the B2B environment...

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Film production Dortmund - why here?

You would rather expect a film production in the media strongholds of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and, of course, Cologne. But in Dortmund?...

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Social Media Marketing Agency + Film?

Why moving image is irrevocably linked to social media - and the mix of both can be the recipe for success for any brand....

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Social Media Marketing Agency Dortmund


Commercials, series, cinema, campaigns, image films, recruiting films, verticals, animation, music videos and social media.

What we are proud of.


The team behind the images.
Concept, film & marketing know-how from a single source. We write history.

Looking behind the buzzwords.


Drehbrückenstr. 5-11, 44147 Dortmund, Germany
+49 231 - 9999 4000

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